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Hope Trust India is a Non-profit Non Governmental Charity Organization founded by Dr.Babu Narendran and Dr.Sally Narendran, the Medical couple who came to the jungle villages of Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary in the year 1987. Hope Trust is registered with the State government of Tamil Nadu as well as Home Ministry of India. Hope Trust has a holistic approach catering to the material, social and psychological needs of the down trodden and  population of India irrespective of castem creeda and community.    Our Activities

  • Village Clinic for the  villagers of Masinagudi and surrounding tribal pockets in and around Mudumalai wild life sancturary( Good Shepherd Village Clinic)
  • Village Medical out-reaches in the remote villages of Masinagudi and the villages surroinding Gundulupet of Karnataka
  • Orphanage for the orphan children (Good Shepherd Home for the children) and
  •  English school for the Tribal and village kids of Mudumalai and also for the villagers of Masinagudi ( Good Shepherd Matriculation School)
The People group in this tribal belt belong to the Tribes of   “Kurumba” “Irula” and “Paniya”  and the native ethnic groups speaking Malayalam, Kannada and Tamil. Schooling and medical facilities are also remote possibilities for these people. Now Good Shepherd Matriculation School is a lasting solution for this problem After their 10 years of Medical Practice in various private and Government Hospitals in Kerala, Dr.Babu Narendran and his wife, moved with compassion for the suffering people in the villages, especially in the trbal pockets resigned their job and moved to the village of Masinagudi Medical Facilities Dr.Sally and Dr.Babu are the only two doctors serving this population round the clock since 1987. Even though there is a government run medical center is there in Masinagudi, it is quite undependable for these villagers, who are shut out from the outside world after 8 O’clock in the night. (There is no public transportation after 8.00PM)


Good Shepherd Orphanage
Good Shepherd School for Village Kids
Good Shepherd Medical Clinic


Hope Trust India has got the status of receiving foreign contributions, and any donations made by anyone from common wealth countries are tax deductable under the income tax exemption act U/S 80G


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