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I ( Dr.Babu Narendran) became a Christian when I was a student in my teens. It was through reading the Bible and through reading some Christian literature.Being a Hindu by birth, I had much opposition from the family even to the extent of being excommunicated for a time.

But by the Lord’s mercy, I was able to sustain all those hardships. After my salvation experience and water baptism, I found myself in many different denominations to attend the Sunday meetings and I also involved in active gospel preaching and evangelism with many Christian organizations. Yet something inside me was longing for the reality of the Body of Christ.

After graduating from the Medical College, as per my desire to serve as a Medical missionary, I chose a rural village in my own native state, Kerala ( in south India) to work as a Medical Doctor under the Government. After the working hours I found myself in preaching the gospel to the villagers and conduct meetings for them. In 1983, Sally and I got married. Sally was born and brought up in a protestant Christian family and she was saved at the age of 17 in a Sunday School Teacher’s Camp. Sally is also of the same commitment and commission as Dr.Babu had- to serve the poor and the needy people through their profession After our wedding, we both worked in a city in two different hospitals and were making a good living. However, we did not have any satisfaction as we had our vision and commission disturbing us all the time. Our hearts were out and out for mission fields with people who have not heard even the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


After much prayer, we decided to quit our job in our native city and move to this jungle village to serve the Tribals and aborigines. Hence, in 1987 we moved to the village of Mavanahalla close to the Mudumalai wild life sanctuary. Mudumalai a wild life sanctuary with many Tribal hamlets surrounding the village of Masinagudi which can be considered as a central meeting point- a city inside the jungle !! The total population comes to around 15000 among whom 5 different Tribes are living in jungle hamlets. For some time we were working in clinic started by a Christian organization in the village of Mavanahalla. Then we moved to the village of Masinagudi and started a small clinic with two rooms- using one room as our bedroom and the other as our clinic room. Besides taking care of the patients from the villages, we used to visit the nearby jungle villages and examine patients and distribute medicines. We used these opportunities for sharing the gospel. We also started conducting some meetings for the children and for the adults in the village on every Sunday and Vacation Bible schools for the children. Thanks to the timely help and support of some of our friends who picked up the burden for the village children, we were able to conduct child feedings in three of the villages.

There we used to feed the children with a noon meal and taught them alphabets and some Rhymes. These village kids are otherwise destined to lead a miserable life in the jungle living on wild honey and wild berries. As they grow up, they had to find their living either by collecting cow dung or firewood or wild honey.

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