Home for the Children coming up

Sensing the helpless condition of the children who had very good capability in learning yet had to succumb to the fate due to their being born in those poor circumstances, we decided to take some children into our home and take care of them and to send them to the school. We began with 3 children- Suma, Sathya and Mani. Suma was motherless and was being ill treated by her stepmother. Mani was total orphan and Sathya is the first one among the 4 born to a single mother from the Tribal village of Bokkapuram. These three children stated to live with us and eat with us. We sent them to the local school. This was the small beginning of the “Good Shepherd Orphanage”. The number increased every year. Until 2000, the children were living with us in the rented houses and we had to shift the houses several times. We had much bitter experiences from the house owners as well. In 2000, Lord provided us with a piece of land and a house to live. We were able to build a temporary house for the children in the same compound. Now as the small girls grew up to maturity, we had to make another building for the girls to live separate. The boys are still living the old temporary shed and the girls in the new building. We are yet to finish the upper story for the boys so that all the children can live in the same building.

All the children are so happy and satisfied not because of the food and accommodation but because of their enjoyment of the freedom and self respect they receive here in Good shepherd.



Masinagudi is a small village inside a wild life sanctuary 30 Km down the famous tourist spots in south India called Ooty or Udhagamandalam which is 2000 meters above the sea level. The average temperature in Ooty is around 60- 65 F. Ooty is also called the Queen of Hills – with full of bluish mountains covered by Tea plantations. The total population of this village exceeds 8000 in number. Inside the forest there are many villages whose inhabitants are different kinds or aboriginal people groups called Tribals. The way of life of these tribals were very primitive till recently. Most of them found their living on collecting honey and other wild products. They also live on rearing cows not for milk primarily but for cow dung which could be sold as manure for the farmers who come to collect the same from this village to be taken to the neighboring states. Most of these villages did not have electricity, running water or accessible roads till recent years. Some of these villages are so interior that they have to walk through the forest to reach the main center of Masinagudi “ Town ” to collect their provisions.

Hospital staff: All the staff in the clinic is from the local village, trained by this doctor couple and now they are as good as any other trained Nurses.

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