The clinic we started to function in a small single room adjacent to our rented house in 1993 was functioning more than a full-fledged hospital with all the specialties! We cannot call this either a clinic or a Hospital; it was an all-inclusive medical center! We used to deliver babies, do minor surgical procedures, manage simple bone fractures with POP immobilization, Tooth extraction etc.. . In this clinic cum dispensary cum labor room cum dressing room, we had to do skin grafting, amputation of fingers, patella repair, tendon suturing etc …. For people in this jungle village, we were the only resort for meeting their health needs. Of course, there is a government clinic; but most of the time it remained functionless because of the lack of proper staff. After we purchased this property, the first structure that we constructed was the clinic building with three rooms- consulting room, dressing room, dispensing room and the patient waiting room. Now because of the influx of more patients, this facility has become so limited and the patients have to wait out side the hospital in the open air. An average of 50 to 60 patients comes to us daily. Some times, it comes even up to 90 in number. The average fee we could collect from each patient is just 25 Rupees (equal to 0.60 USD)!! After a normal delivery the maximum amount we could charge is just 1000 Rupees (equal to 25 USD)!! What they earn is hardly enough to feed themselves.

This is a brief description of our Three in One thing in this jungle. We do sincerely appreciate your desire to know more about this humble attempt to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the villagers and illiterate people. We need with your prayers and helps we may be able to do more. If you are interested to know more about our needs, you can contact us.

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