God Answers Prayers in Mysterious ways

God provided through an irritant cough of a movie star from England

It was such a trying time in 2006. The check donated by one friend in USA bounced. There was no money even to buy groceries. One movie star who came for a vacation from England was staying in one of the jungle resorts in Masinagudi. She woke up in the mid night with a bad cough for which she found no relief with medications she had in her back pack. With her host, she knocked at our door for some remedy. We gave her some injections and medicines. In no time she was perfectly all right. The next day morning she asked her host to take her to Mysore and show some orphanage so that she can hand over the donation money collected by her colleagues. The resort owner told her not to travel 2 hours to find out the orphanage. She was brought to us immediately and that lady handed over a check which was more than sufficient to pay the debts in the bank and to buy groceries for 3 months.

Passer by old couple provides cots for the children

We had been praying for bunk beds for the children for 7 years since 1997. In 2004 one old couple from Australia, who came as tourists, to see Ooty, checked into our home and wanted to know what is our present need for the Orphanage. I said that it was the bunk beds for the children. For 7 years they were sleeping on the floor using mats. This couple gave us check which covered the expenses for 25 bunk beds and 50 mattresses. Praise the Lord. Now our children no longer need to sleep on floor.

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